advanced music production in a unique environment


    tracking your performance with premium equipment


    finest analog gear and the know how to create “that sound”

Studio K61
Music Production
Recording Studio Berlin

We are a collective of musicians and recording artists running a Professional Recording Studio in Berlin-Weissensee.
We offer high quality music production, state-of-the-art recording, advanced music mixing and creative audio service.

  • Recording and Mixing

    signature sound recordings based on our recording studio’s high-end recording gear and experienced sound engineering

  • Music Production

    commissioned music production – creation of expressive sounding music for all kind of projects

  • Band Production

    music production and co-operation with artists and bands for our own production company

  • Online Mixing

    music mixing and mastering services also available online

  • Live Session Video

    video production of live sessions presenting acts performing in our recording studio or live venue.

  • Spoken Word

    excellent sounding recordings of spoken word/ voice overs, sound design and all kind of audio-related projects


the passion

we love our work and want to make sure any artist, signed or independent gets the opportunity to express their talent with professional recordings.

the attitude

recording at studio k61 is just about performing music. we work to make you comfortable and design the sound you will love.

the ambition

music is our passion and we are dedicated to creating great sound. we work together to help your production achieve its full potential.

the location

our recording studio is located in an artist residency in berlin weissensee, two acoustically treated rooms equipped with top of the line recording gear provide a unique atmosphere for the creation of inspiring sounds.

Professional services and always satisfactory results

  • Thumbnail showing radio to represent music prouction
    Music Production
    Full production services for commercials and moving picture, song writing and arrangements for performing artists or creative support for bands – We offer professional music production for different genres from rock to jazz, pop to electro. The right vision and a vast network of musicians from the Berlin scene ensure that every project performs at its best.
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    High End Recording
    Our high end recording equipment and expertise will create the sound you are looking for.
    Recording live, overdubbing or both – We have capacities and know how to adapt to all projects. Two acoustically optimized rooms and an isolation booth feature space and creative options.
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    Mobile Recording
    If venue is more important than professional studio ambience, such as live gig recordings or bigger ensembles playing in their own environment, we have the possibility to record music where it takes place, with high quality mobile recording equipment.
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    Analog Mixing / Online Mixing
    Most of the mixing jobs will be done on our mixing studio’s ADT 5MT 48-Channel analog mixing console and analog outboard equipment in combination with the best the digital world has to offer. Recordings tracked at Studio K61 or elsewhere (other recording studio, live venue, project studio, e.g.) are mixed with a passion for detail by an experienced engineer to obtain professional results.
    Our mixing service can be ordered online mixing service. Simply send us your audio files and your track will be mixed within a few days.
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    Sound Design
    Sound design, recording and post production of spoken word for commercials, short films, corporate videos and more.
    We are fitted with an acoustically specialised recording booth and all necessary equipment for professional sounding voice-overs.

Production and Mixing Examples Rock Music

Production and Mixing Examples Electronic Music


filmed and recorded live at Studio K61


music & video clips produced by Studio K61


just enough of just the best

selection of finest microphones

Condenser microphones
Vox-o-Rama Type 47 (Neumann U47 replica by Andreas Grosser) (1x)
Neumann U87 (vintage version)
Neumann TLM 170 (1x)
Neumann Gefell UM57 (vintage, refurbished/ Grosser mod) (1x)
Neumann Gefell RFT MV692/ M71 (vintage, ref/ Grosser mod) (2x)
Neumann Gefell RFT MV691/ M70 (vintage, ref/ Grosser mod)
Neumann Gefell RFT MV692/ M94 (vintage, refurbished Thiersch)
Neumann Gefell RFT MV691/ M93 (vintage, refurbished Thiersch)
AKG C414 BULS TL2 (2x)
Oktava MK012 Stereo Set

Ribbon microphones
Royer R-121 (1x)
Beyerdynamic M160 (2x)

Dynamic microphones
AKG D12 (vintage) (1x)
AKG D112
Audix D6 (1x)
Beyerdynamic M88TG (1x)
Beyerdynamic M201TG (1x)
Electrovoice RE-20 (1x)
Sennheiser MD421 (-II) (2x)
Sennheiser MD421 (-N / vintage) (2x)
Sennheiser MD 441 (1x)
Sure SM7B (1x)
Sure SM57 (2x)

analog studio gear

Mixing console
ADT 5MTs – 48 channel analog mixing desk w/ automation

Tube channel strips
TUBE-TECH MEC1a (2x, stereo match)
Universal Audio LA-610 MKII

Discrete pre-amps
SPL Gain Station (Lundahl transformer upgrade)
Chandler TG2 (Abbey Road Special Edition, 2 Channels)
Avalon U5 (instrument pre/ DI)

Additional pre-amps
RME Octamic II (8 channels)
Focusrite Octopre/ Saffire Pro 40 (additional 8 channels)

Purple Audio MC77 (UREI 1176 replica)
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
Opto compressors included in MEC1a and LA-610
ADT stereo bus compressor (included in console)
DBX 160 XT (2x)

Analog effects
Roland RE-201 Space Echo (vintage tape delay)
Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo (vintage tape delay)

digital audio and signal conversion

Recording system
Pro Tools HD-3-Accel

Apogee AD 16x  (2x analog to digital converters, 32 channels total)
Apogee DA 16x (3 x digital to analog converters, 48 channels total)
Apogee Rosetta 200 (stereo-/ master- AD-DA)
Apogee Big Ben master clock

Digidesign Pro Tools 192 Digital Interfaces (16 channels, each) (2x)
Digidesign Pro Tools 192 Interface (8 Digital and 8 analog I/O) (1x)

Apple Mac Pro 6 Core 3.2 GHz, 32 GB RAM, SSD-Drives

Pro Tools HD 10 (TDM Version)
Pro Tools 11 (native Version)

Alongside with a big collection of renowned Plugins, we feature some highlights, like the TDM based TC- Production-Bundle, including some of the best reverb-units available and essential mastering tools (renowned high-end digital processing algorithms from TC System 6000):
VSS 3 (Stereo Source Reverb)
DVR 2 (Digital Vintage Reverb)
Tube-Tech CL1b Compressor
MD3 Multiband/ Mastering
Brickwall Limiter

Vocal Post-Processing (if needed):
Antares Autotune 8
Celemony Melodyne 4

guitars and amps

Guitars and Basses
FENDER Percision Bass, American Standard with Custom Shop 60s Pickups
FENDER Stratocaster 1962 reissue with Fender Custom-Shop ’69 Pickups

Tube Amps & Cabinets
HIWATT DR-103 Custum 100 (vintage, hand-wired)
VOX AC-30 / 6TB (british version)
AMPEG SVT410 Heritage (4×10 bass cabinet)
Marshall JCM 900 Head
Marshall 1960 Lead 4x 12 cabinet

Collection of effect pedals

drums and synthesizers

Tama “Superstar” Maple Drumset (22″ Kick, 10″,12″,14″,16″ Toms, 14″ Snare)
Ludwig Supraphonic 14″ Snare (vintage 1967)
Zildjian A-Cutsom cymbals

Synths / Keys
Simmons SDS-8 analogue drum synth (vintage 80s)
Dave Smith PROPHET 08 (analog polyphone synthesizer)
Several MIDI-Keyboards


Mixing/ Control
Neumann KH 420 (3-way midfield)
Neumann KH 120 (2-way nearfield)
Dynaudio BM15a (2-way monitors)
Dynaudio Subwoofer
Auratone Sound Cube (1-way midrange speakers)
Pinguin PG-AMM (graphic audio analyzer)
PreSonus Central Station (monitor controller)

Tascam MH-8 (8 channel headphone-amp)
Beyerdynamic headphones (1x DT250, 2x DT100, 2x DT150, 1x DT770 M)

all the rest

Isolation Booths
DESONE studio booth 3×2 m (excellent ambience for vocal recording)
Amp isolation booth (Live recording loud guitar-amps and drums simultaneously)

Signal Transmission
Mogami and Sommer microphone cables
Sommer instrument cables
Mogami multicores

Basstraps (Helmholz resonators) and broadband absorbers
Huge skyline diffuor (recording space)
Two 1x1m Skyline Diffusors (Control Room)
Seperate mobile absorption walls and diffusors
Schröder diffusor (Control Room)

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